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Nutracore Somnitrim

Nutracore Somnitrim

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Somnitrim is a revolutionary metabolism boosting sleep enhancement formula, that  can help you sleep better and lose weight.

Sleep is one of the most important functions the body performs and is where most of the body’s tune-up and repair occurs. However, it is also the time when the body’s metabolism slows to a crawl.

Somnitrim is formulated to enhance the body’s REM sleep cycles through the use of natural sleep aids and relaxers as well as kick up the metabolism to keep the body fat burning all night long with clinically-proven doses of L-carnitine and coleus forskolli.*

Wake up and feel slim, toned, and refreshed every day with Somnitrim.

Health Results

  • Increase fat oxidation while sleeping*
  • Improve quality of sleep naturally*
  • Wake-up feeling refreshed & rested*
  • Improve REM sleep patterns*