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InnovaPharm NovaLean

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Just like the rest of the InnovaPharm product line, NovaLean doesn't let you down! NovaLean is an all in one, stimulant free thermogenic powder. Need a little sweat, one scoop hits that sweet spot. Need to sweat a lot? 2 scoops will put you there. 


L Carnitine is widly known as a strong thermogenic. The source of the L-carnitine matters though. InnovaPharm decided to use two forms in their NovaLean, L-Carnitine L-Tartrate and Acetyl L-Carnitine. Just from these, you'd get a good sweat but it doesn't stop there. 

Olive Leaf Extract is still relatively new on research for weight loss, but the initial studies look promising. Forskohlii is in a similar boat. It is not shown for weight loss as much as body re-composition. In sculpting a body, that's even better. 

AfraLean is the patented version of 6-paradol. This is shown to help eliminate fatty tissue and has a strong thermogenic affect. GBB is an L-Carnitine pre cursor and is often paired with L-Carnitine like it is here. 13-PPAR will help with cardiovascular activity. 

All in all, InnovaPharm's Novalean is a complete, non stim thermogenic formula that is idea for pre workout and pre cardio activity.